The 2020 Commemoration

In 2020 we commemorate the centenary of Southern Jutland’s reunion with Denmark. The anniversary will be celebrated with events and activities throughout the country.

An Attractive, Prominent and Coherent Programme
We wish to put together an attractive, prominent and coherent programme of stimulating experiences with broad public support at local, regional and national levels throughout Denmark.

The first item in the programme is the official opening event on 10 January 2020 in Copenhagen. The dates of the referenda in February and March will also be given a prominent position in the programme. The official commemoration will reach its peak during the historic red-letter days of 10-12 July in Southern Jutland.

The centenary 2020 will, at the same time, look back to 1920 and ahead to the new millennium. For example, referenda on the location of national borders seem to have experienced a comeback in recent years with the referenda in the Crimea and in Scotland. Most recently the people of Catalonia voted on the region’s secession from Spain in 2017.

In 2020 we will also celebrate the good relationship between Denmark and Germany, and the year has been appointed Danish-German friendship year. How did the two countries come this far 100 years after the deeply polarised referendum? Can we share this experience with other border regions – and can we learn from the experiences of others?

In view of the coronavirus restrictions the Board has decided to prolong the commemoration until November 2020. In addition there will be established a new program period in May and June 2021.

Why Celebrate the Reunion?
The commemoration of the centenary serves several purposes:

  • To heighten awareness of the reunion’s epoch-making political and cultural significance to the Danish society, to our national self-understanding and to our friendship with Germany – both in Southern Jutland and in Denmark as a whole.
  • To contribute to increasing the public’s knowledge of the historic events of the reunion of Southern Jutland with the kingdom of Denmark, and to shine a spotlight on the European perspective of the Danish-German border region.
  • To contribute to the positive, present-day profiling of southern Denmark.

The Board assigns great weight to activities that:

  • Promote the centenary throughout the country.
  • Are able to get actors and participants from across the region and the country together.
  • Involve, appeal and communicate to new target groups.
  • Contribute to the future profiling of the region.
  • Tell fascinating local or personal stories.
  • Demonstrate credible roots in history.
  • Render visible the border region’s influence on Danish art and culture.
  • Confirm the good relationship between Denmark, on the one side, and Schleswig-Holstein and Germany, on the other.
  • Generate national and international attention to the European perspective of the demarcation and subsequent arrangements concerning both national minorities.
  • Combine traditional initiatives with innovative activities and partnerships.
  • Communicate the unique cultural characteristics of Southern Jutland.
  • Appreciate the efforts of volunteers, e.g. in associational activities.

The final programme will be made public in late 2019.

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